The full 2020 guide to free spins no deposit bonus


What exactly are free spins? Casino to casino we have been analyzing the different versions of free spins that each operator offers, and even within the slots, the bonus games that include them as a prize.


Out of all the opportunities of free spins, and faithful to the security policy of Scam.Info, we have only selected free spins from online casinos licensed in our country Others such as Europalace, licensed by the MGA of Malta but not by the DGJO Spain, have been left out despite having interesting offers.


But let's get to the point, are all the free spins on offer really free? Some yes and others no, let's see the difference:


Finding the best casino with free spins

The criteria when evaluating which casino is the best in its offer of free spins obviously include the number of free spins of the promotion, and whether they have to be played all at once or are limited to a list (or you can even than a single slot).


You also have to assess whether the free spins are part of a free welcome bonus for registering, a loyalty or reward program that can also be used by veteran players, or if they complement another bonus: for example, by making a deposit.


You will find free spins among the promotions of Sportium (25), William Hill, Casino777 (25), Betfair (20), and money for free spins at Casino Bacelona and Inter Wetten.


How to activate a Bonus with free spins

Whatever the free spins bonus you decide on, you will always have an essential requirement to create an account in the casino. Most free spins offers are part of the welcome bonuses (with or without deposit) of online casinos.


Free spins are used to get someone unfamiliar with the games to familiarize themselves with them before deciding to deposit funds into their account balance. Normally a box on the registration form is the one in charge of activating the free spins.


Different types of Free Spin Casino Bonuses

It is a widespread mistake to think that all free spins are really free. In fact there are up to three different types of bonus with free spins. And the truth is that they are a little difficult to find, because most prefer money that can be spent on both slots and other games. These are the three types of free spins currently available:


No Deposit Bonus with Free Spins

The no deposit bonuses are the most popular type of bond, the most widely used and preferred by players because it is completely free. You get it just by registering with a casino, without having to make a deposit.


It can be completely free and allow you to play any slot machine, or try various titles of your choice. But the normal thing is that it comes subject to a series of conditions to be able to collect the profits that you get with it. And of course it may also require you to make a minimum cash deposit into your casino account in order to collect it.


If you are interested in learning more about the best no deposit bonuses, their characteristics and how and where to get them, take a look at our page dedicated to them. We are sure that it will be most useful and you will be able to take advantage of it.


Deposit bonuses with free spins

Many casinos offer bonuses that reward players for their deposits through free spins. These types of prizes are usually preceded by a series of provisions on how, when and where to spend free spins.


In order not to be disappointed, it is important that you inform yourself of the conditions of any free spins bonus that you have proposed to enjoy. Everything is specified in the terms or rules of the promotion: and do not be too lazy to look at the text, because they are always to the point and use a totally clear language. Reading it will not take more than a minute. You will find it next to the bonus advertisement.


One of the most frequent rules is that you must have consumed the deposit, the free spins of the bonus and, if any, also the rest of the bonus benefits, before you can withdraw the money. And all this must be done within the stipulated period and complying with the rollover. So do not get confused!


Welcome bonuses with free spins

Although it is getting more and more exceptional, to specifically appeal to slot players, some operators offer free spins as part of the initial welcome offer. But these free spins will always be tied to specific betting requirements, and they often force you to consume all spins before you can make a withdrawal.


What usually happens is that if you have only consumed a part of the free spins, the casino makes the rest disappear from your account when you order to withdraw cash. And if the welcome bonus also included money to play, this amount also disappears. It is not very common, but you may even commit to not making any withdrawals until you have consumed all the free spins. So again, be sure to check that they won't bother you.