SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Don't you know what SEO Tools to choose and why?

There are hundreds of services and applications dedicated to SEO, and of course I have not used them all but a good number of them, so I can save you a lot of time and some money explaining what tools I use and why.


Benefits of using SEO tools

The benefits of using tools when doing SEO work are many, but I'm going to tell you the most important ones:

Increase the speed of work. We do not need to do repetitive tasks manually.

They improve the quality of work. Sometimes, computer programs (tools) reach sites that we as humans are not able to reach. That is why the quality of our work is improved.


We do not leave certain tasks without doing. Simply, without some tools, we could not carry out some tasks.

Our possibilities of finding employment are expanded. A good SEO should know how to handle, if not all, the majority of tools that are created for this type of work. If you put in your resume, and it is also true, that you know how to use a large number of SEO tools, you will have a much better chance of finding a job at an agency or other entity.

Once you have seen the main benefits of knowing, using and managing these tools, let's see the list that I have prepared for you, with the best free and paid SEO tools.


Free SEO Tools

Here I will expose the best known and essential free SEO tools. Some of them are not technically free, but with its "free" version, we will have enough to carry out our work as SEO.


Screaming Frog

A fantastic SEO tool that allows us to break down a website internally. With it, we obtain reports of all the URLs of the site.

In addition, we are informed of the "title", H1 and other subtitles and descriptions of each of the URLs, with the possibility of verifying whether they are optimized or not.


Traffic Travis

Actually, this is a payment tool, but we can take advantage of its free version to get very "juicy" reports.

Their functions are multiple, but personally I keep their organic keyword proficiency report.


Google Analytics

What is the use of carrying out SEO actions if we cannot measure them? This SEO web analytics tool is one of the most necessary applications.

Google offers it to us for free, so we cannot miss this opportunity and we must make the most of this tool.

If you do not know very well how to use it, in this basic Google Analytics guide article I explain it to you.


Google WebMaster Tools

Another of the SEO tools provided by Google for free.


Actually, this application was created to cover some basic needs of every web programmer, but over time it has become a very complete tool and we can get very important reports from it, such as crawl errors and search analysis.