There are many myths about the quality of the grain, roasting, grinding. That is why it is important to know the points that determine these virtues when reaching the final consumer.

Choosing a good coffee is not just a matter of knowing brands, listening to recommendations from friends or basing ourselves on the prestige and appearance of this or that establishment. When selecting the coffee that we will take home, it is important to take into account some concepts that are essential to ensure a good purchase. Follow these five simple steps to ensure that you have excellent quality coffee in your home.

Now, how do I know if I am buying a good coffee? Where do I buy it?

In the supermarket? canceled, we do not recommend it, these are shelf coffees, they have been there for three, four, six months or more, an issue that we cannot know because their packaging lacks a roasting date; so there is no certainty of the freshness of the grain. Needless to say, if it is ground, its aroma and flavor qualities are severely diminished.

If you go to a store or coffee bar, request:

  1. The display of coffee beans offered on an extended plate or flat surface. There you can better appreciate its characteristics, starting with roasting. If it looks very dark and shiny (oils on the outside), it is an uncontrolled roast where bitterness and notes of rubber, ash, charcoal, fish, rancid, medicine, smoke and earth will predominate in the nose and mouth. Its color should be uniform matte brown, not black.
  2. The traceability of the coffee they sell, that is, where does the coffee come from? If the answer is generic like: coffee from Veracruz, be careful! It is important that as a consumer you can know the family that produced that grain, location of the farm, altitude above sea level, variety, process and date of roasting. the wine! A label that respects the identity of those who collaborated in the process will always be important. No more anonymous heroes!
  3. The roasting date printed or written on the packaging, this is very important to know that we will consume a fresh grain that still preserves its aromatic and flavor notes, preferably drink coffees that were roasted at least 30 days before, we insist, if you buy it ground it would be better if it is from a very recent roasting date because when it is ground it loses the aforementioned characteristics very quickly.
  4. The ground coffee in your presence. If they already have an inventory of ground coffee and they only give you the bag, you are not sure when the grinding was done and therefore you will have severe doubts about the freshness of the coffee. Added to this will be serious questions about quality (too many imperfections and uneven roasting), since you never saw the physical appearance of the bean.
  5. If you can have a coffee grinder at home it would be fantastic, your sensory experience will be maximized, obviously by acquiring quality raw material.