How to Start an LLC in Arkansas

1. Name Your Arkansas LLC

Before you can register an LLC, you will need to choose a name for your articles.

Arkansas' naming requirements must be met. These are the most important requirements you should keep in mind.

Arkansas naming guidelines are listed in a complete list.

Additional Considerations:

2. Select Your Agent

Arkansas requires that you appoint an agent registered for your LLC.

A registered agent can be the person or entity that is authorized to receive service of legal documents and notices for your LLC.

You can be a registered agent or an entity offering a registered agent service. These criteria must be met:

3. Prepare and file articles of organization

The Articles of Organization are a document that establishes your LLC and provides basic information.

To register your Arkansas LLC, prepare Articles of Organization. Although it may sound like a daunting task, it is actually quite simple. All you have to do is fill out an online form and submit it. It can also be sent by mail.

The following information is necessary to prepare your articles:

The secretary of state will review your filing once you have filed your Articles. The LLC is legal if the articles are approved.

4. Get a Certificate from the State

After the LLC's documents have been filed and approved by the state, the certificate will be issued by the state.

This certificate will enable the LLC to get an Employer Identification Number, business licenses and a business bank account.

5. Make an Operating Agreement

An operating agreement describes the business model of your LLC.

Arkansas does not require that you have an operating agreement. An operating agreement, which can be easily accessed and written, is useful for many reasons. It helps to settle disputes over financial agreements or other potential litigation. The courts will make decisions based on state law and not necessarily in the best interests of the LLC or its members if there is no agreement.

The following are examples of operating agreements that can be included in an operating agreement:

6. Register for an Employer Identification Number

To identify your LLC for tax purposes, the Internal Revenue Service assigns a nine-digit Employer ID Number (EIN). Your EIN can be obtained online or by mail through the IRS.

An EIN serves the following purposes:

Next steps

Your LLC registration gives you a legal basis to run your business. Keep your LLC in compliance and active on the state's site.

Each year, LLCs must pay $150 in tax to the Arkansas Secretary of State. Each year, the Arkansas Secretary of State must receive an annual franchise tax report. You will also need to pay $150.

This could include filing annual reports and/or making quarterly tax payments. A registered agent is also required for your business.

You can also register your LLC to allow you to do these things:

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