Study Abroad


Studying abroad is one of the most successful options to master a language. The offer is unlimited, academic years, camps, full immersion or foster families, among many other modalities. From The Study-Abroad we want both the decision and facilitate integration at school or host family are possible as fast and comfortable, why we bring you the top tips for enjoying a course abroad.


Tips for studying abroad

The decision must be made in a thoughtful way and must be based on the interest and desire to learn a language. Sometimes it is the parents who propose to their children to study abroad, and other times it is the children who raise this possibility, in whatever way the student must be convinced. Although, of course, doubts are normal.

Studying abroad is the best opportunity to perfect a language, however, the student must have a good foundation.

Facing a course abroad requires, in most cases, medical insurance, in addition to a visa or a residence permit. So it is necessary to deal with the paperwork in an organized and timely manner. At Study-Abroad we advise you on all administrative procedures, but do not leave everything until the last moment!

Enjoy and take advantage of a course abroad

Welcome is important. Do not jump to conclusions or pigeonholes, ask everything you need. Relax and you will see how in a few days you will be one more.

Being in a different country means understanding that it is also a different culture. Enjoy the cuisine, the traditions and the customs. Dive into the local culture and adapt to it!

Do not forget that you are in a foreign country which implies not being able to do things as you would at home. Be prudent and stay safe and avoid problems. Learn your new address and carry it in your wallet.

Each educational center has its own rules that you must respect and comply with, however incomprehensible they may seem to you. When you decide to go to a residence or a host family abroad you voluntarily agree to follow its rules. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with what is or is not allowed.