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Quick SEO Tricks to Optimize Your Website

Two things are important in this step:

  1. Know what users are looking for the most
  2. Analyze your target audience

For the first, search tools such as Google Trends, the Google Ads keyword planner or SEMRush can be of great help .

With them you will be able to get the idea of ​​the keywords with the highest search volume to add to your page or create new content , and those that directly attack your business core.

As for the second, if you are still not clear who your target audience is or do you know their preferences, then you need to get out of the "friendzone" with Google.

To find out how our users think, what they feel or what interests they have, you can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics  to discover what they search for on your pages, what terms they use and how often.

In parallel, research your competition, their editorial calendar , the approach they use and which content segments they are targeting to attract qualified visits to the transactional part of their website.

Objective: long tail keywords

Keywords, keywords and more keywords… .o Long-tail for friends.

And this is one of the main keys to these seo tricks to position your website (especially if it is new).

The more specific the keyword, the more market niches you can attract to your website, since the competition in this series of keywords is usually much less than in a generic keyword.

Sounds obvious right? Well, do not hesitate to put it into practice!

In this article about keywor research we explain the methodology and the process you must follow to discover them.

Titles and metadescriptions

This SEO On Page technique should not go unnoticed either, especially when Google has just struck down the rating stars in search results, subtracting an important part from the visibility of the results.

The titles and metadescriptions must be optimized and original, without forgetting of course to include the keyword in both and include strategic terms to hook the user.

The most important thing is that they attract attention so that users see it in front of the rest of the results, and thus increase the chances of “clicking” on your page and not on the competition's.

A great tip to achieve this is to make use of emojis ✌. Trust me, they work ✅ so take note! ✍.


With the initial symbol we focus our gaze, and with the green check we generate more confidence and increase the points of attraction compared to other results.

We already tested this with our own blog and the result was spectacular: from being at the bottom of the first page, to top 1 :

Symbols, disruptive emojis, triangulation, selective capitalization and attractive copy.

Is it true that it attracts attention compared to other more bland results?

Create quality content

Another aspect to take into account is to generate quality content for the user ( create a blog , post on social networks , etc).

In this way you will be generating more traffic, relevance and visibility to your business .

This technique, although not the fastest, will be very useful if you focus on it constantly. You will see how in a few months your website will be closer to the first page and positions.

Update old content

Another option is to update and take advantage of your existing content with photographs, new information, infographics, videos, downloadable ...

Any material you include (as long as it is of quality) will help your website achieve greater authority.

The SEO trick here is to analyze your content in Search Console in several ways:

The contents video is the king

How not to think of video as a key format within the content strategy for SEO?

The audiovisual content is one of the SEO tricks is picking up speed to improve positioning. And it is that this type of format or content we know that it is the most consumed by users on the Internet. In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world (for now).

The video, apart from being the most remembered by the user than a simple text or illustration, also improves your branding strategy , since it gives the brand greater notoriety and confidence.

As long as it is of quality and designed for the end user, you will get closer to the top 1 in the search results.

Did you know that YouTube immediately tracks and indexes changes in video descriptions?

Well, try adding links to your main content , both in the description and on cards.

SEO tricks with Linkbuilding

Another of the seo tricks to improve positioning quickly is to get backlinks .

Backlinks are links from other web pages that serve to increase the authority of our domain .

Although it may seem a bit difficult to understand at first, the truth is that link building techniques help (and a lot) to climb positions in Google in a positive way.

And the web is made up of links, and today they are still part of the hard core of Google's algorithm.

How to get links for free and quality? In this article on link building we give you a few quick and easy ideas to implement.

But the SEO trick is to investigate using footprints , that is, text strings that are often repeated on many websites and that give clues about where we can publish to leave our content and valuable link. Try this .

Mind you, this is just a small base. To reach TOP 1 need quality links, exclusive and send traffic really

The power of internal linking

Another of the great tips for SEO that you can use quickly and easily to improve the positioning in the ranking, is to link your blog content or the different pages of your website between them.

In this way you will be giving greater internal strength to your page and you will avoid having URLs without receiving internal page rank , the way in which Google evaluates the weight and relevance of each of them.

Generally, the home page is the most important page, since it is usually the one that receives the most links and from which the rest of the internal URLs start.

It is advisable to study which links are most relevant to include in order to distribute the weight well for the most important conversion landings , or blog articles that capture more leads than to be able to work on later.

In this part it is essential to determine the anchor text that are used to link to other pages, since it is the way to make search engines understand which is the keyword for which they should position better.

You also have to take into account and make use of the breadcrumbs as well as the footer , with which you will optimize the internal linking of your entire website automatically.

Be very careful with this : it is not about filling any gap in your design with links.

For this you can use Screaming Frog connected with Analytics. Just crawl your site and find out which pages get the most links to balance the cast.

In this way you can make a much more balanced and optimal internal binding.