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Our Roof Repair Procedure

We have perfected this three-step roof repair procedure in the last 20 years.


Step 1 - Identify Roof Leaks

It is essential to figure out the source of the issue and how it is going to be solved.

Let's take a leaky roof as an instance - you might think that it is right above the damaged ceiling that has you calling us first. However, this isn't always the case. We need to locate the EXACT exact location, so we trace the timbers until the bottom. This is particularly difficult when dealing with insulation, but trying to guess the source of the leak from is not a viable option.

Step 2 - Examine the Roofing Issue

After we've identified the issue We must determine the cause of the issue.

For example is the roof leak caused by corrosion? Movement? A loose screw on the solar panel or a skylight? Could it be because of poor design or an unintentionally haphazard construction method? Our team will find the source of the issue and repair it one time and do it correctly. Additionally, we'll examine the roof issue using a builder's eye to find out what's really happening.

Step 3. Roof Repair Time

The investigation and Investigation process is all absolutely free of charge and there is no obligation.


Once we have identified the cause of the issue If we can pinpoint the cause, we'll provide you with an extensive and specific Inspection Report and a quote, complete with your top options laid out in simple English.

No matter what the options We guarantee you that we'll never compromise and will never "patch the problem" You want it fixed , and we'll get it done correctly.

If you'd like, and the roof issue is simple to spot We'll let you climb up our roof and observe what needs to be addressed. If not, we'll bring the photos to you so that you're able to comprehend the issue. We will also give you "after" photographs to show you the final roof repair.



With years of experience in this competitive market Our specialists will carry out an extensive inspection and consult to identify the reason for repairs to the roofing. After the procedure has been thoroughly explained to the customer and any necessary Brisbane repairs to the roof will be able to begin immediately.


The roof is the primary barrier between the precious items inside your home and its external surrounding environment, it only is logical that routine maintenance and repair problems should be taken seriously.


The force of heavy downpours and strong winds can cause roof tiles to be displaced, break or corrode with time.


We are experts in Brisbane roof repairs, roofing services as well as gutter repairs and painting at reasonable cost."


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