Finance Directors

You may be wondering what to study to be a CFO . In this case, due to the functions of the position and the necessary competencies, it is necessary to take a higher education in the area of ​​economics and business . However, it is increasingly necessary to have a Master, Postgraduate or Higher Specialization Course in any of its subareas.

Funding, public and private entities (including non-profit ones) is of vital importance. It is about the sustenance that allows to develop the activity . Whether it is your own (with business profits) or someone else's (using external sources), it must be carefully structured. In the same way that it is essential to design an architecture on how to use money (investment). Hence, it is important to study to be a CFO.


What functions does a CFO have?

The CFO is a person with great responsibility in the corporate bosom . All decisions regarding investment or financing needs go through his office and he plays a relevant role on the Board of Directors. Naturally, they must be trained , since they must carry out their own tasks of analysis, control, management, strategy, negotiations, etc.

We are going to review some of the most common functions that a CFO performs and, based on them, we will analyze the skills required to know what to study:

What to study to be a financial director?

As we have seen, a CFO must have certain qualities, especially related to analysis, management, negotiation and strategy to make decisions . But what training is it that provides these skills? What do you need to study to be a CFO?

In principle, it is essential to have a degree in any of the sciences oriented towards economics and business:

However, most companies consider a postgraduate degree , so that their financial director is specialized in a specific subject in this field (for example, risk management, cost management, financial investments, etc. ). An example would be the Master in Financial Management or the Master Business Administration (MBA).