RATH: AI-Powered Autopilot for Exploratory Data Analysis

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for data visualization and insights generation with RATH. As more than just an open-source alternative to conventional Data Analysis and Visualization tools such as Tableau, RATH takes it up a notch by automating your Exploratory Data Analysis workflow.

With its innovative Augmented Analytic engine, RATH unearths patterns, insights, and causals from your datasets. It doesn't just stop there; it presents these insights through compelling, auto-generated, multi-dimensional data visualizations, turning raw data into comprehensible and actionable knowledge.

One-Click Insights

RATH's Augmented Analytic engine opens a new frontier for data analysis by discovering patterns, insights, and causals in an entirely automated fashion. Now you can explore and visualize datasets with just a single click, effectively simplifying your data journey and making it more efficient.

Your Data Science Copilot

Working alongside you in your data science projects, RATH serves as a reliable and intuitive copilot. It learns from your intentions and delivers relevant recommendations, ensuring your analysis remains aligned with your objectives.

Data Painter

RATH's Data Painter feature enables you to identify complex visual patterns that may be challenging to extract through statistics. This allows for a comprehensive analysis of potential causals and patterns, providing clues to unlock hidden data insights.

Causal Analysis

RATH's Causal Analysis tool empowers you to identify and examine the causal relationships between variables. By doing so, it aids in data exploration, improves the accuracy of prediction models, and aids in making informed business decisions.

Data Preparation

With AI-enhanced data wrangling, RATH makes data cleaning, data transformation, and data sampling more straightforward than ever before. The automation capabilities help in easing and expediting these necessary yet time-consuming processes.

Seamless Embedding

Graphic Walker, a part of the RATH suite, is a lightweight, user-friendly, and embeddable data visualization tool. You can conveniently integrate it into your existing workflow without having to switch to a new software platform. This flexibility means less disruption and more productivity for your projects. You can check out RATH GitHub for more information.

Join the RATH revolution today and transform the way you analyze and visualize data. Try out RATH products now!